Course Critique

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Since 1976, the SGA’s Course Critique has served tens of thousands of students as a vital asset in planning their semesters. Critique draws on data from the university to present concise and simple grade distribution information to students. We also provide data services to the greater Georgia Tech community. This fall, the Course Critique team will be finishing a tech migration, integrating CIOS data, implementing security features, and building analytics for the application.



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In 2011, JacketPages was deployed as a platform for Georgia Tech students to track funding requests and provide feedback for resolutions made by the SGA. Members of the JacketPages development team are completing a tech migration of the platform while building feature requests from the SGA’s Joint Finance Committee and legislative branches. Due to current technical developments, this project is currently on hold until further notice.



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BuzzBook is a new project team developing a one-stop course planning platform to aggregate various resources into an accessible form. This encompasses a course catalog, a requirements planner, visualized grading distributions, enrollment histories, a schedule optimizer, a ratings system, a course recommender, and an exam/syllabi database. Downstream goals include developing a mobile app and exploring expandability to other universities.



JacketConnect is a project team designed to help new students and transfer students learn about programs and activities on campus. The application will allow students to provide their fields of interest in order to connect them with representatives from relevant programs and student organizations to hear about their experiences.


Syllabus Repository

The Syllabus Repository team is a new team that has the ultimate goal of making syllabi a more available resource for students to utilize when registering for classes. The repository will be connected to Course Critique as we attempt to ascertain a syllabus for as many courses and instructors as we can, and the team is currently working on populating a database and connecting it to the Course Critique infrastructure.


Internal Tools

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The Internal Tools team builds applications to automate processes and support internal SGA operations. This includes developing Slack channel integrations, financial calculators for the SGA website, and a tracking application for SGA's PR Initiative, all past projects. In addition, the Internal Tools team is responsible for maintaining and updating SGA webpages.



The communications team implements technology-related policy advocated for by the SGA executive cabinet and strengthens the relationship between the IT Board and the Georgia Tech community. Members of the communications team also organize social events and prepare workshops for the IT Board to strengthen development skills and enrich the SGA experience.